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Mars Survival 3D: Cosmic Crash app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 6048 ratings )
Games Adventure Simulation
Developer: Tayga Games OOO
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 22 Nov 2015
App size: 295.78 Mb

Survive the spacecraft crash with this 3D simulator! Be an astronaut flying a shuttle - explore the galaxy, avoid meteors, satellites and black holes! Fly past different planets and galaxies looking through the porthole. But something went wrong! Your shuttle crashed on unknown badlands! Face difficulties and feel like a real hero saving your live after a craft crash. Try Mars Survival 3D: Cosmic Crash – great survival simulator for those who wants to dive into the atmosphere of realistic space adventure!

Enjoy amazing space views from your spacecraft window – bright stars, desert planets, black holes, satellites and meteors… But your trip was ended up with a catastrophe. Your spaceship crashed on unknown planet. Seems like it’s Mars. Empty and desert. With no water, food and gravity. Face challenging trying to fix cracks on your craft and leave this strange planet! But it’s impossible…Your spacecraft is destroyed. It seems like someone is trying to kill you! But there is no intelligent life forms on this unknown planet. Is it really the Mars? Show your heroism surviving on this planet full of secrets and dangers. Save your life and finally get out of this cursed planet with Mars Survival 3D: Cosmic Crash!

You are the only hero survived after a spacecraft crash on unknown planet. Desert badlands freaked by cracks, rocks and pits. May be it is the Mars. Provide yourself with food, water and oxygen and fight for your life against strange galaxy monsters. Mind astronaut’s health, oxygen and fullness rate just to have a chance to escape from this strange unknown planet! Face all the difficulties of a real galaxy trip with Mars Survival 3D: Cosmic Crash simulator! Explore badlands, protect yourself from Martian monsters and finally get home safe and sound!

Mars Survival 3D: Cosmic Crash simulator features:

- Great survival simulator in 3D based on Mars
- Amazing space views - bright stars, desert planets, satellites, black holes and meteors
- Survival mission – destroy monsters, find food and oxygen for your astronaut and more
- Upgrade your survival skills and feel like a real space hero fighting for his life on unknown dangerous planet

Try Mars Survival 3D: Cosmic Crash simulator! Great app for those who loves space adventures! Explore galaxy trying to find your way home! Great 3D graphic will make you feel like a real astronaut survived a crash! Explore unknown planet with no food, oxygen, water and even gravity trying to fix cracks an your space shuttle or even stay alive! Enjoy amazing views of stars and meteors flying past and don’t miss your chance to get home!

Latest reviews of Mars Survival 3D: Cosmic Crash app for iPhone and iPad

not what i was expecting
i thought this game was nice bc i look at the graphics and thought it would be be a good game. however my only problem is that there are too many ads and not a lot of instructions on how to play the game. i didnt know how to make water and that lead to me dying. please fix this problem. thanks.
A bad review
No instructions ,to many adds, when I tried to shoot an alien it did nothing, I had no idea how to make water.
Average Reviewer
The game itself I found enjoyable and easy to understand; however, it is a crime that a game such as this one that relies so heavily on immersion subjects the gamer to add after add every minute. It is a 4 star game rendered unplayable due to poor marketing techniques. Until the add issue is addressed this game is not worth playing.
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